Use Antique Bangles With Price The Right Way

Bring all four strands of nylon line back together. Step 3: Bring the ends of the nylon line together and string one crystal rondelle bead and one seed bead onto both strands at once. Step 8: String another 4mm crystal onto the nylon line, then thread the looped head pin of one of the 6mm crystal charms onto the nylon line. The head of the pin prevents the bead from falling off. To do this, insert a head pin into the bead’s hole. Step 6: Next, string on a 4mm crystal and another crimp bead. Step 12: Next, repeat steps 5 and 6 until the remaining crystals are in place. Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6, leaving 1/2 inch between bead groupings until seven crystals are in place.

Repeat steps 8 through 10 twice, so there are three loops with 6mm crystals. Step 1: Make each of the 6mm crystals into a charm. The charm is now attached to the end of the chain. Step 12: Use needle-nose pliers to attach the jump ring to the other end of the chain. Step 4: Using needle-nose pliers or crimping pliers, flatten the crimp bead, so it stays in place. This antique Jewellery set can be made using 24k pure gold and other decorative items. Step 1: Using needle-nose pliers, attach the jump ring to the star bead. Step 3: Attach the clasp to one antique jhumkas end of the nylon line with a crimp bead. Step 5: String on another crimp bead and crimp in place about one inch from the clasp.

String on a crimp bead, and crimp in place 1/2 inch from the previous 4mm crystal, then string on another 4mm crystal and crimp bead. Step 9: Thread the line back up through the 4mm crystal and pull it through until the 4mm crystal is 1/2 inch from the last crimp bead. Step 15: Thread two of the strands back through one of the crimp beads and thread the other two strands back through the other crimp bead. Step 13: To finish, follow the instructions above for attaching the clasp to attach the jump ring and crimp bead to the end of the line. String two crimp beads and the jump ring onto all four strands. Maybe choosing textiles and beads isn’t for you.